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2 weeks post op….

So I had a femoral hernia sorted just over 2 weeks ago and as my scar is just higher than my groin I was rather surprised to feel totally disabled and unable to use my left leg for very long without experiencing very acute pain in and around the pelvis and upper thigh.  I camped out at my Mums as she truly understand the discomfort I was in.  She made the best meals as only a Mum can and allowed me to put my feet up and not feel guilty for not doing stuff around my house.  10 days post op I tried driving again having cancelled several afternoons work in the primary schools I work in.  Short juniors are now fairly comfortable and being on my feet for a few hours only gives a small amount of discomfort and the nerves start to work again.

I have learnt from these rather uncomrtable few weeks never to take my generally good health for granted.  I am currently working a group of order more frail people and seeing the levels of pain and medication they need on a daily basis has really brought it home.

Hoping to be running and cycling again soon in another few weeks but very gently at first, not worth setting myself back as I have been so well behaved!  Giving an opportunity ro revise for my undergraduate course in Postural Stability exercises to prevent falls and injuries for everyone!