Run Bike Fun

2nd ladies Strathpuffer team 2020!!

Cracking result from a cracking team of like minded crazy ladies. To attempt this event in any team combination does need an element of insanity. Very challenging racing conditions with mud, frozen mud and icy rocks. We definitely couldn’t have done it without our superb well oiled support machine.

Jo’s write up….EPIC!! Strathpuffer 24hr MTB race. All female Quad RunBikeFun race team secured PODIUM 2nd place!
Well out of my comfort zone on this one. Sleep deprivation and stomach pains were hard to overcome but after 2.5 laps in the dark I simply ran out of talent in those conditions and crashed too many times and lost confidence to go back out. Amazingly Jill Eccleston and Kirsten Civil with their incredible MTB skills and sheer determination raced two more laps each and secured the team’s second place. Well done ladies.
we were supported by one incredible team who watered, fed us, took dirty clothes off us, made us keep dry and warm, washed our bikes, fettled the bikes between stages, clapped and cheered us and the other 1000 competitors- for 24hrs!! Thank you, you were amazing – Becca, Kath Finn, Andy, Craig, Karen and the 2 brilliant bike cleaners aged 12 Connie and Roselyn!