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3 peaks cyclocross 2016

Sheltering in the Alex and Kerrys cosy kitchen I looked out at the wind and rain at 9.15 and did not feel like going out to play or getting warmed up prior to the horrendously fast and furious start of the 2016 cyclocross event.
Got my place on the grid and chatted to Colin Moses who always makes me laugh calming the last minute anxieties.   Over 700 riders off to a fast start controlled by a pace vehicle until we turn off at South House.  Thats one of my worst bits over and now we are off road and heading up to Simons fell.  Going under tyres pretty good but winds picking up.  Had to tell John Oz off going up this brutally steep climb as he shouted ‘COME ON LADS’ what about us gals well at least 60 of us set off!  Onto the ridge and another harrier Gary Alsopp having a nice trot with the dog.  Lots more running and pushing this year for me and its no slower than getting on and off when its potential boggy up to your eyeballs!  Fantastic support on the last bit of carrying before the plateau and shout from Sharon to say Jonny Brownless was on the hill.  Just after the first dibber on the summit Connies shouts and smiles and Oliver and Sam Brummitt (marshalling for his 2017 place) with first drink and scooby snack.  Not much visibility at this stage.  Tricky carry down more running before safe enough to get back on and ride last bit of Little Ingleborough before the fantastic descent to Cold Cotes.  Daivd with a gel and Julia and James with cheers as I flew by.  Loads more supporters at the next control and Team Eccleston support crew with Edie and banana at the ready and more far more fluid on hand than 2016 (learnt my lesson!) Oh yes and Mum you’re 6th lady..  Out onto the road with grit in everything i was eating and drinking by this point. Occasionally getting on a wheel for a little breather but got head down and dug in towards 2nd peak.  Tail wind on steep climb up Whernside made carrying really awkward.  Kept up with a strong lady picking a good line just off the path so as not to queue or get boshed on lid by wheel in front.  Oakey support team huddled behind the wall just off the summit thank you more homemade date/nut/cocoa bar bit claggly but thats the least of my worries, ‘think you are in 7th’ place she said.  Staying on after the summit with winds picking up and rain getting heavier and friggin big drop off to my Right!.  Happy to trot at the side of the slabs as a hope rider just stayed on riding next to my LEFT.  Took it easy over all the drains and some good line choice managed descent no 2 with no flats phew!!  Sandra kindly had food and drink before the aquaduct which i didn’t really need but the track pump she took stopped her getting cold she pumped up 8 including helping Andy Mouncey change his.  Team Eccleston by the viaduct more banana…back on the tarmac and managed several miles with Team WNT who were very focused but didn’t shake me off.  Into Horton and back onto the Pennine way, horrible slippy limestone not many good lines that are easy to ride so again more running for me.  Lots of friends supporting really helps and you have no option of slowing down. Onto the footpath and the last climb up to the summit keeping up with lady i had passed on roadside sith flar so she had caught up well.  Tried a new line off the summit and popped out at the same time as her then got on 1st and nailed it down to the last gate where she overtook, bugger…..back out onto the last few miles of road and kept her in my sights but not quite enough left to catch her this year!!  Blue skies, friends, family, cake and cider as well as a PB for me what more could you ask for at the finish line!  Can’t wait for next years…Run Bike Fun