Run Bike Fun

ChipMonks Nursery and Settle Primary Easter Clubs


An action packed day starting at Chip Monks day nursery then onto Settle Primary in the afternoon. Some great feedback from the 27 x 3-9 year olds:

I learnt how to jump safely
I liked the spongey landing
It felt really good stretching my arm when I chucked the javelin
Enjoyed learning diferent things
Bean bag throwing
Jumping was my favourite
Jumping through the ladders was fun
Running, weaving and going fast
Listening + doing = It as easier
The fish and chip game
Balancing the coit on my head
I helped others to do the hurdles
I got to run forwards and backwards

Some future athletes in amongst them that’s for sure, and thanks to the staff and my girls fo being so helpful. Back tomorrow morning for another session @ Chip Monks and again next Tuesday. Phew….Happy Easter everyone