Run Bike Fun

Feedback from St Mary’s CE Primary School Year 1 Cycling


After only 5 weeks of cycle training this group of 26 children shared their feelings after receiving a specially designed certificate showing all the skills they had achieved in that short time.  Several getting pedals on and ditching the balance bikes or dreaded stabilisers hoorah!

“Turning safely”

“Checking the steering”

“I know what side to get on my bike!”

“I use my brakes with my bunny fingers”

“Fantastic and super”

“Balancing safely”

“I can now bike safely!”

“Stopping and looking behind me”

“Having lots of fun”

“My stopping is safer”

“I know how to get on and off my bike properly!”

“My listening improved”

“I concentrated more on my balance”

“I’ve learnt not to brake by putting my feet on the ground!”

“I’m much better at balancing”

“I like helping my classmates”

“I felt more in control of my bike”

“Biking is my favourite subject in school!”

“I loved playing Granny’s Footsteps!”

“I liked doing everything with Mrs Ecclestone!”

“I’ve learned that I can control myself on my bike!”

“I enjoyed cycling round corners in the playground!”