Run Bike Fun

No pedals, new road bike…

Saturday afternoon sessions were a refreshing mix made up of my first soon to be 6 year old who had never ridden a bike.  We covered all the simple safety checks before heading to our traffic free area to begin walking, pushing and steering whilst seated, progressing to trotting and then gliding and gradually lifting our feet off the floor more and more.  Ruby has just been bought a lovely 16″ Isla bike my her Nan and was out practising the day after and is now pushing and gliding showing great balance.  Time for pedals next session most probably!

Next out was Angela the lovely lady pictured in the pink on the picture, however she now has a lovely new road bike and has now mastered the gears and a completely new riding position compared to her hybrid.  Keep practising and don’t be afraid to be firm and use all those gears to make your life and legs feel easier!  Especially when you do your cycle ride across Vietnam next year!