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Swim Bike Run Fun July 9th in Giggleswick

Swim Bike Run Fun

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Great Britain are the top nation in the world in triathlon with the Yorkshire-born Brownlee brothers sweeping all before them over the last few years. Currently the stars of a tongue-in-cheek advert for Yorkshire Tea, the brothers’ success has seen Leeds become a triathlon hotbed that will stage a second World Cup race in June.

Those with multi-sport aspirations don’t have to travel to the capital of Yorkshire to get their fix because Swim-Bike-Run-Fun comes to Ingleton and Settle in June and July in a couple of innovative family-friendly events that even cater for little ones who can’t really swim that much. Locals Jill Eccleston and Andy Mouncey have built a reputation over the last few years of providing fun and challenging holiday clubs and races to local kids in any combination of swim-bike-run they can think of  – and this year is no exception.

When you’re 5 & 6 years old you have a ton of enthusiasm and not much skill to go with it. Well, that’s fine for these events because armbands, scooters, stabilizers and parents as swim-bike-run buddies are absolutely allowed.

So don’t come to these events if you want exact distances, digital timing and podium prizes. The bike course is off-road, the distances are there or thereabouts and mum or dad can help you with the changeovers. Come if you never have and come if you just want a blast and have something cool to talk about at school on Monday. Bring your nerves – we welcome them too – and we may even throw a relay for the grown-ups on the day so make sure mum and dad pack their swimmers as well.

July 9th Giggleswick School registration 10am first race start 11am

Price: £10 on the day

Ages: 4-16 years

Distances: Various – and smaller than you think

More details contact Jill 07955 342 344

or Andy 07799 063 115